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LineGuard™ agreements provide the ultimate peace of mind! Morris employees partner with you to tackle potential resource issues and to make sure unplanned downtime is at a minimum. Our employees see global best practices on a daily basis. We work with your personnel to be sure equipment is producing profit at peak performance levels. In addition to the value offered in our M-Factor Advantage and M-Factor Advantage Plus packages, with LineGuard you’ll receive:

  • Periodic refurbishment of critical equipment and components
  • Morris technicians in your facility on a frequent basis (select options allow our technicians to be in your facility monthly to perform your monthly preventative maintenance)
  • Quarterly device tuning and audits
  • Additional discounts for all parts purchased from Morris
  • 1-year warranty extension at the end of the 3-year agreement
  • Discounts to the Morris School of Cool
  • 36 month standard phone support (24/7)
  • 12 month standard video support during normal business hours (select options allow 24/7 video support for a 3-year contract period)

Of course, outside any plan, Morris service is provided at a reasonable daily rate, per technician. Each technician will work up to 12 hours a day. Technicians are sometimes requested to cover a 24-hour shift. With two Morris technicians, each technician can work a 12-hour shift to allow full coverage in the event of critical situations. Morris technicians are also provided at a monthly rate as critical situations require. Contact our Customer Operations Group for monthly rates.

MAT Audit Sheet
Example audit sheet used by Morris technicians for the LineGuard™ Guarantee program.