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Revolutionary Safety Improvements Eliminates Crush Points More Efficient Chilling Easier Cleaning
Revolutionary safety improvements eliminate crush points more efficient chilling easier cleaning.

Safety innovations are always a priority. Often improvements are relatively small incremental steps, but for our new Safeside™ poultry chiller design, it is a revolutionary safety improvement. From installation to operation, to easier cleaning, Safeside delivers enhanced safety.

By flattening the chiller wall where the auger descends into the water, the Safeside design eliminates the crush point. In addition, the flat side of the chiller also creates another water passage making chilling more efficient. We are so confident in this new chiller design we are transitioning all of our chiller production to Safeside.

Safeside Chillers Come With M-Factor Standard Enhancements

More robust drive motors and gear reducers coupled with enhanced end plates for support means more shaft power and less downtime due to shaft and end-plate failures.

Exclusive IntraGrill™ flights promote increased water flow from the shaft to the outer edge of the flight resulting in more rapid and uniform chilling of birds, and enhanced bird pile disruption.

Patented* SoftLift® unloader gently lifts birds from the chiller preventing damage caused by other designs that can crush birds against tank walls upon exit.

*For patent information see innovations

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