Design Innovations and Options to Meet Varying Needs

Predictable breaks and shift end times Little to no birds to fish out at end of shift Increased yield Fast product changeover time

Advantages Over Competitor's Chillers

Auger style poultry chillers require support to keep the auger level. Conventional designs have hanger bearing chambers with wide gaps that can trap birds, causing a stall and surge effect. Instead of a clean break from the chiller, birds trickle out for 20 minutes or more.  The impact of the legacy hanger bearing design is not always obvious. Production throughput and product dwell times are inconsistent. Employee break times are not well defined. Additional manpower is required at breaks to transfer straggler birds to combos. Rehang tables become overloaded. Product changeover time is prolonged. In some cases, additional sanitation time is needed to remove and discard stalled birds.  Morris & Associates recognized the need for a better solution. 

The MT Chiller™

Morris auger chillers may be ordered as an MT Chiller, a patented design featuring the MT-1B hanger bearing. An engineering effort five years in the making, the gap between flights is reduced by 2/3 with MT-1B. Stalled birds and production surges are remnants of the past. Key benefits include: 
  • Continuous single product flow through the entire chiller 
  • Reduced temperature variation bird to bird 
  • Predictable breaks and shift end times 
  • Little to no birds to fish out at end of shift 
  • Increased yield through the elimination of collecting birds in combos 
  • Fast product changeover time 
Existing chillers can be retrofitted with the MT hanger bearing to improve the consistency of your product flow.  

“Before the MT Chiller, birds would rollback. We couldn’t have defined breaks and didn’t know when the end of shift would be. We’d have 6 or 7 combos. Now, it’s first in, first out. Most days, we have no combos. Placing employees is very simple, no additional people for breaks. We saved an average of 18 combos per day, which is huge savings annualized. I don’t know who came up with the name “MT Chiller”, but it’s the end of the shift, that chiller is empty.”

~Charles Rigdon 

Senior VP of Operations 

Case Farms - Morganton, NC 

    Standard Hanger
    The Morris MT Chiller