The Ultimate in Rechiller Automation & Control

Automated chiller operation Pop-up notifications for anomalies and maintenance Alarms clearly displayed and easily cleared Stores operating and service history

What’s Next:

The Morris Nucleus PTM™ Control System

The next generation of Morris Rechiller controls, Nucleus PTM™ (Precise Temperature Management) provides precision touch-screen control of new and existing Morris Rechillers. Nucleus PTM simplifies rechiller monitoring and operation allowing for more accurate temperature management during all phases of the chilling cycle. Operators can readily identify the run status of the Morris Rechiller and quickly detect any issues that may require immediate attention. Nucleus PTM can be fully integrated with Birdseye™ Controls allowing multiple Morris Rechiller units to be operated from the main chiller system control panel. Nucleus PTM takes Rechiller controls to new levels of automation and accuracy improving yield, consistency, up-time, and ultimately, the bottom line.

  • Alarms by email for quick notification where ever you are. (Dependent on customer access to the internet.)
  • Troubleshooting Functions - HMI I/O status screen, electrical schematics, and an on-board troubleshooting guide to quickly aid in diagnosing any problems.
  • CIP Validation – Store CIP temperature data for up to 5 days to review if completed and what temperature was used.
  • ColdHold™ - Change the rechiller temperature setpoint while running the chiller lines in ColdHold mode. Provides savings in water and energy.
  • System integration capability without propriety software – Change IP addresses to meet the client’s existing network structure.
  • Improved Yield Consistency – PID AutoTune on modulating (MOD) valve easily adjusts to your specific system and quickly reacts to changes you make to the setpoints.