Reduce the product standard deviation

Consistent Residence Time  Thorough Washing Action Consistent Temperature Deep Tissue Message
The Morris patented DTM® PreChiller with FlowControl™ uses washing action to produce increased turbulence in the water, and improve bacteriological scrubbing compared to standard poultry pre-chillers.

DTM PreChillers are the pre-chillers of choice for maximizing meat tenderness and surge protection. The mechanical dasher’s movement massages the meat to increase tenderness while creating turbulence in the water to affect the loosening of organic matter. The higher level of product compression and release expedites the removal of the product’s thermal boundary layer for uniform cooling, while the patented FlowControl comprised of reinforced steel foils and stanchions ensures the product cannot travel through the tank undisturbed.

Every Morris DTM PreChiller includes a heavy-gauge tank, a virtually indestructible dasher arm, and massive drives which enable the equipment to easily double as a surge tank. DTM PreChillers are thus ideal for plant operations that are prone to inconsistency in bird weights and loads, as the systems are resistant to the damage that such irregularity can cause. Morris application engineers can work with you to design an expandable system around your DTM chiller—for example, incorporating a SafeSide™ auger chiller, water Rechillers, and fresh-water chillers to accommodate the chilling process from start to finish.

Morris DTM Technology

DTM Technology expands on the features of the HMR PreChiller to further reduce the product standard deviation through improved consistency of:
  •  Residence Time
  •  Washing Action
  • Temperature
  •  Massage

DTM PreChillers Come With M-Factor Standard Enhancements

More robust drive motors and gear reducers coupled with enhanced end plates for support means more shaft power and less downtime due to shaft and end-plate failures.

Patented* SoftLift® unloader gently lifts birds from the chiller preventing damage caused by other designs that can crush birds against tank walls upon exit.

*For patent information see innovations

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