Complete Chiller Operation  Automation & Control

Automated Chiller Operations Real-Time, Optimized Performance Failsafe Controls Bypass Predictive Analytics

Complete Line Control.

Birdseye® Controls system provides unparalleled control and automation for your poultry chilling system components. By integrating the controls for and providing communication between all Morris chilling line equipment (including the Morris Safeside™ auger chiller, the Morris DTM®, pumps, and air blowers), Birdseye yields unprecedented efficiency in the chilling process while simplifying the operation for personnel. In fact, Birdseye was designed to reduce staff requirements saving labor costs and increasing the safety of operation through automation.
  • Automated chiller operation
  • Predictive analytics
  • CIP validation
  • Email alarms
  • Failsafe controls bypass
  • VNC connectivity