Engineered to Order

Custom Process Cooling Solutions

Morris custom designs and manufactures efficient, effective chilling solutions that address the unique needs of businesses within a diverse array of industries—in fact, we have custom systems installed in more than 60 countries throughout the world. In every case, our custom solutions deliver a return-on-investment that provides real value and cost-justifies the project, whether it is a new-build, an expansion, or a system re-work to achieve greater efficiency.
For example, over the years, we have produced:
  • Mobile ice and water units for chilling fresh produce and concrete
  • Portable ice makers for disaster relief
  • Thermal storage energy systems
  • Specialized food production chilling solutions
  • One-of-a-kind chemical and pharmaceutical process chilling systems
  • Snow-making solutions for indoor and outdoor ski slopes
For these types of projects, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach. Our engineers first gain a thorough understanding of your operation, then design, build and oversee the installation of an effective, efficient system completely tailored to your needs.