Innovations All Along the Way

Since our formation in 1949, Morris has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance chilling, refrigeration and ice production equipment.  Founded by W.F. Morris, Jr.—who instilled within the company a culture of innovation and analytical thinking from the start—Morris has garnered more than 30 equipment and process  patents  over the years.  Our corporate mindset has consistently driven us to design systems and processes that meet or exceed rigorous standards, including those of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and requirements for European CE Marking and meeting the European Union’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). 


Early Morris Team. Bill Morris Jr (fifth from left) meeting with engineers. C.R. Farinholt sitting to the right of Bill Morris Jr on the end and Milo Owens standing far left.


Start-up and testing photos at a poultry processing plant (location unknown). Bill Morris, Jr with first auger tumbler (ice was added for chilling).


Old location in Raleigh near rail lines. Morris flake ice machine being shipped to Mexico.


A.R.E (Auger Rotary Enclosed) Chiller with glycol in the large internal coil for chilling. It was experimental and is an example of Morris innovation – working on a solution to the cumbersome and costly addition of ice.


First Water Rechiller produced eliminating need for ice in chillers


First Drag style chiller produced for chilling large birds and turkeys 


First Auger style chiller produced for improved chilling capacity


Rechiller controls automated with introduction of Quik Chill™ 2000


Complete Rechiller redesign to provide protection against thermal expansion – Severe Temperature Service or STS™


First auger chiller water jet system – JetBird® – created to optimize chiller capacity by disrupting bird piles in the chiller and increasing bird surfaces acted upon by biocide treated, chilled water


Production of first 12WHS Auger chiller providing largest chilling volume to date


First FinalKill® Finishing Chiller® designed to provide biocidal intervention at the end of the chilling cycle


 First fully automated chiller control system with introduction of Quik Chill™ 3000


First Continuous Online Pathogen Eliminator (COPE®) for complete biocide coverage of whole birds and bird parts


First Deep Tissue Massage (DTM™) rocker chiller with Flow Control™ for improved consistency


Introduction of SoftLift® unloader eliminating crush damage to birds as they exit the chiller


First MT™ Chiller with narrow hanger bearings produced to eliminate birds congregating between flight segments and provide continuous bird flow throughout chiller


First self-cleaning chiller with development of scrubCIP™ system


Introduction of the Safe-Guard™ hood system providing added protection against chiller contaminants and improving worker safety


First Safeside™ auger chiller tank configuration eliminating crush points, enhancing safety and simplifying cleaning


First control system for complete chilling line operation with the introduction of Birdseye™ Controls.


control panel

Nucleus PTM™, the next generation of rechiller controls introduced.