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Morris is a US-based, employee owned, global provider of custom process cooling solutions. The company began in 1949 with a focus on providing process cooling solutions to the rapidly expanding poultry processing industry. Since then, we have expanded to provide process cooling solutions around the world for a variety of industries with Morris equipment currently found in 50 countries and 5 continents.

Innovation and an intense focus on building valuable partnerships with customers are key factors in our success as well as our reputation as a “go-to” source for the most challenging process cooling issues.

Another cornerstone of our success is our unique ability to lead complicated projects from the initial idea, through design/engineering and manufacturing, to installation as well as on-site service and support. We truly are a “one-stop-shop” in process cooling solutions.

Our Promise

Four words you will never hear from Morris: “It’s not our job.”

We take great pride in being that partner who is willing to chip in whenever asked. Regardless of the task, our expertise and know-how have proven invaluable on thousands of projects.
We’re here to help.

Our Mission

Become the Global Leading Provider of Custom Process Cooling Solutions.

  • 1. Focus on building meaningful partnerships with all our CUSTOMERS through:

    Trust Reliability Unequaled Service and Support
  • 2. Proactive recognition of the critical importance of all EMPLOYEES in the success of Morris and our responsibility in their continued development and well being.

  • 3. Recognize the importance of a healthy COMMUNITY by providing 10% of our net profits annually to community organizations, often faith-based, that are focused on helping the less fortunate.